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Wings of God's Grace

Wings of God's Grace
Peggy Mack 
September 2, 2013

I wrote this little poem from my heart in January 2010, after learning of the passing of my dear, co-writer, composer, delightfully, cheery friend from Glasgow, Scotland who patiently taught me about becoming a better lyricist, though I was not immune to the moments of chiding and fussing and correcting.

He often frustrated me with his need to make "one more correction on a lyric to get it perfect!" "Peg, I'll not have this", he'd say!  "If this is the best you can do, today, then put it down and move on! But we'll never find ourselves on a stage with the audience roaring with applause over this daft attempt at writing! You can do far better than this!"

 I  never dreamed that he would become my angel on earth from afar who would help me find my way to a safer, calmer, happier life in Myrtle Beach, SC even though we never had a chance to meet!  He literally kept the walls from crumbling in my soul and kept me focused on what I needed to do to make it on my own, all the while believing and convincing me it could be done!

 Never doubt the grace you can find in a few special friendships or the blessings you can bring to others even if you never meet face to face!  The person you spend time with today may invite you to lunch, a simple activity of the day, but in those moments of friendship, God can use you to make a positive difference and you may not even know what it is!

 John Bernard Patrick Bonner was a light in so many lives while he faced his own daily battle with muscular dystrophy.  When asked, "how are you doing today, John?", he would answer, "not bad, not bad, and how are you? Let's write a tune and have a laugh!"

 An angel he was, from afar, one who proudly wore his kilt on special occasions and would kick into a Gaelic dialect in a heartbeat sending me off into moments of uncontrollable laughter.  What a gift from God!  I was blessed to work with him in emails and on Skype for six years.  Only now, after all these years of missing him and all his endless gifts of kindness, do I feel the immense void and come to realize; no one could ever be like John Bonner!

We are each so unique, so capable of touching lives like no one else can!  He seemed to accept his "cross" in life and chose to focus on bringing joy to others.  I often called him Gabriel, God's strong angel,l and he was.  He would not have wanted to leave.  You see, he had unfinished business with his children. He had dreams of creating more music with his friend, Gordon, and selling his music to share it with the world. He had more love and adventures with his wife, Jackie, more jokes to tell,  more people to "wind" up with laughter, more mates to discuss life and politics with in a local pub or in his home and sisters to watch over and protect with his loving, brotherly care. But the pain from MD got to be too much and his heart simply gave in and he flew home, leaving so many wondering, how do you live life without John? 

Oh to be loved and missed like John Bonner, to touch so many lives knowing no matter how long or short life may be, you've not wasted the life God gave you. 

To be able to look back and know you have faced your sadness, adversities, weaknesses, shortcomings and sufferings, by choosing to ignore them.  Instead you  handed the world your best making so many lives happier, safer, sweeter and wonderful!   Faults, of course, John had faults.  Some were in much need of forgiveness and others were "wee" ones that could be overlooked.  He was human while we he was with us.  But he loved God.  He felt God's presence.  He looked forward to reuniting with his Mum and Dad and brother Hughie and sister, Maureen.  And when he woke in Heaven, I am certain, he said, "Why I can't be here, yet!  I have songs not finished and a new tune playing in my head! I have to capture it before it's gone!" 
We are all called to be more like John Bonner, to close our minds to the things that hold us down and to learn to fly free on the wings of God's grace!

Wings of Grace
Peggy Mack
January 13, 2010

Verse one:

Like a butterfly

on a window sill

Flying up to the screen

And down again…

Hoping (that) if I don’t give in…

I will finally be free.

Verse two:

I’m a soul who’s lost

my own, best friend,

I'm trying hard to find

my way, again,

Turning my face into the wind.

knowing you had to leave.

For, I believe……


Angels come…..

To lift us up

To hold us strong

To help our dreams come true.

When angels leave

On silent wings of grace,

Like gentle butterflies…

We simply

must set them free.

Verse three:

Echoes of laughter

Now fill my mind

tears erased by smiles

For a little while

Your goodness fills my memories

And I trust in God's sweet grace.


Now, when I see a butterfly

I hear you softly



Angels come…..

To lift us up

To hold us strong

To help our dreams come true.

When angels leave

On wings of grace,

Like gentle butterflies…

We simply must set them free.

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