Thursday, August 1, 2013

Prayers for My Best Friend

Prayers for My Best Friend
Peggy K. Mack
August 1. 2013

My best friend is having surgery on her heart today in Orlando, Florida at 1pm and I am walking in faith knowing how much Carol loves and trusts God with her life.  She believes in His healing powers and knows that where she is today is the beginning of a new tomorrow. 

I am refusing to go where we usually go when a loved one is facing critical surgery.  Often times we go to a place of fear.  I remember when my mother was having open heart surgery at the age of 74 to replace a mitral valve.  We had been sent to "one of the best" heart surgical centers at University of Birmingham and she was in the hands of Dr. Pasifico.  While I sat in a waiting room of dozens of others worried about their loved ones, I read the Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Robert Schuler.  My dad had loved watching his ministry on tv when Dad was no longer able to attend church.  My dad was always tossing phrases at us about positive thinking like: "What's with the negative waves!", "Be happy it makes less wrinkles" and "You chose when you put your feet on the ground what kind of day you're going to have with how you think, so think positive".  I don't know if Daddy even realized how close to the Gospel he was when he raised us with positive attitudes.  But God tells us not to worry.  We know that when we worry in stressful times that we open the door to negativity and Satan's ways.  So what do we do when we feel that wave of concern for a loved one?   First of all, there's nothing wrong with being concerned.  Fools are rarely concerned, but then that would be foolish.  

Once, we recognize that we are concerned, we go into prayer.  We remove our minds from the world around us and fill our heads with prayer and expectation of all the good that God can do.  If we have loved ones fighting a medical battle, we pray for the team working to heal that person.  We ask God to guide their minds and their hands and to do everything possible for the best result.  We ask God to be near, to watch over, to protect and to love the person for whom we are concerned.  We have work to do.  We go to a quiet place away from the noise of others who are frantic and rambling on in conversations that distract our focus.  In the UAB hospital was a non-denominational chapel and I found my way in there for quiet peace, meditation and prayer.   

This will not be an easy day for Carol's husband of thirty plus years or her two precious sons who have seen her battling cancer and other serious problems.  They understand this process of surgery, post surgery and healing.  It is a battle for certain.  They also know that Carol is one amazing fighter.  For someone so lighthearted and kind and funny, she is a warrior when it comes to fighting her way back to being healthy.  Her sister Rosemary and brother John are frantically worried for her day of surgery and the beginning of recovery.  They know it is no easy task today with a team of 12 doctors involved in the entire process.  
I have them in my prayers for comfort and peace on a most difficult of days.  

If I had thought that I would be a help to them I would have driven the 10-12 hours to be there, but I know the family is big and there is little time to add me in the mix of those who care.  I chose to remain here and to pray for her and the team of medical staff and her family who loves her so dearly.  Prayer is a mighty tool as powerful as the surgeon's skills and I know, as she knows, that God is with her.

So in these early morning hours, I am concerned for my dear friend Carol Crain.  But worries have no place with me today because I am focused on God's power and His love and I know that He can do what no other can.  He loves us in so many different ways and today, God is our Healer.

Dear Heavenly Father,
I thank you for the life of my precious friend, Carol Crain.  Her heart is literally in the hands of those who have been given a gift from you of healing.  Bless their minds and their hearts as they bring her back to a place of good health.  Bless her family who walk with heavy hearts, so concerned about the lady who has loved and adored them their entire lives.  What a gift she has been to teaching and to all those she touches with her love.  God hold her in your loving arms and bring her back to us.  
In the Holy name of your son, Jesus Christ, I ask these things believing,

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  1. Amen, Peggy. Asking all in the name of His precious Son, Jesus.